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Café Quick Stories

Even a boring story is fun when you tell it over a delicious meal! Serving you with an ecstatic menu of mouthwatering dishes that will change your opinions of how healthy foods taste! With your piping hot Espresso Coffee, let our tasty and pocket friendly dishes for breakfast, brunch, lunch, snacks and dinner be given a try- of course before you get addicted to them!

Patronizing the exquisite and delicious food experience in the city of Pune, Cafe Quick Stories brings a superior dining experience for its people. With opulent interiors and lavish look, we aim to provide you with the hospitality of the highest quality.

Our chefs and the assistant teams carry a wide array of experiences in bringing flavours to the best of their tastes while maintaining the nutritional value of the food. Our customers don’t just carry the experience of the café, they carry the taste with themselves too!

Speaking of experience of the café, the ambience at Café Quick Stories provides you with the perfect escapade, whether it’s weekend or the middle of a hefty week of you grinding yourself! Once you step in, you forget about all the troubles of the outside world and rejoice amidst the stories and vibes that the wonderful environment of CQS has to offer.

It’s not a place for just happy people. It’s a place for the people who wanna be happy!
Hoping to welcome you at Café Quick Stories soon!

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